Chemical Cleaning - Hydrolazing - Lube Oil Flushing - Steam Blowing
Air Blowing - De Greasing - Hydro Testing - Equipment Rentals

          Cleaning - Hydrolazing - Lube Oil Flushing - Steam Blowing

Cogen Cleaning Technology Inc. will provide professional quality, engineered, and safe pre-operation cleaning services
which will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations on schedule and within budget.

CCT provides the following services:

Hydrostatic Testing of all vessels, piping and pressure parts
Circulating Degrease & Citric Acid Cleaning of HRSG’s, boilers and piping
Circulating Degreasing of HRSG’s and Boilers
Steam Blows of headers, boilers, HRSG’s and process lines
Airblows of HRSG’s, boilers, and process equipment
Gas Line Air Blows on underground and above ground piping up to the burners
Line Purging
ACC Flushing
Hydrolazing of piping systems and vessels
Oil Flushing of all rotating equipment
Surge Flushing of process lines
Vapor phase Flushing

Cogen Pre
          Operational Cleaning

Cogen Cleaning Technology (CCT) can provide complete, turn-key services (engineering, equipment, and supervision) or
we can provide equipment only, based on your design. Sample drawings and engineering can be provided to assist in design.

“Our engineered methods have proven to make the power generation equipment start-up process more efficient,
substantially reducing the critical path worries associated with today’s tight construction and commissioning schedules.
The CCT approach is to help our customers pre-plan for the upcoming activities in order to minimize delays and keep the project on schedule.”

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